Selected Works

plowed earth
mimosa tree
Pink Blossom
Blue Skies Blossom
Tall Pine
Winter Pine
Yoshino Over Water
Aqueous Tristis
Blue Flowers
Canary Mist
Fallen Tree
Moon Drenched Dew
Bold Spring
Fragmented Light
Orchid Tree
Bend Toward Dayligh
White Tropic Magnolia
Tree Lined Hill
mimosa tree
Desert Lupine
Dove Tree
Garden Dew
Cool Summer Forest
Foxtail and Yarrow
Frozen Reeds
Emerald Field
Field of Golden Irises
Red Orchids
Winter Sea
Green Mountainside
Grassy Field
Procession of Sowers
Tropic Shadows
Red Summer Spell
Tropical Oleander
Willow Branch
Tropic Orchid
White Flowers
Yellow Flowers
Installation Views
Installation 1
Installation 2
Installation 3
Installation 4
Installation 5
Installation 6
Installation 7
Installation 8
Installation 9
Installation 10
Installation 11
Installation 12